Welcome to Ink & Iron Tattoos

Ink & Iron Tattoos is a new shop that just opened 2017. You will meet our team of friendly owners Lori Vazquez, and  Abel Quinones. Our tattoo artists are, Abel, Michael, Mars, and our piercer, Havoc who is an apprentice in tattooing. Our artists and piercers have been in the industry for many years. Check out their galleries! We strive for greatness in our work, and specialized in everything, from coverups to realism when it comes to tattoos. When it comes to piercing, our Master Piercer “Havoc” does a range of piercings ranging from belly piercings to dermal piercings. We want you to tell us about your tattoos, and piercings, but all pricing is done in the office as the artist, or piercer can tell you the cost of the work.

You can email us at inkandirontattoos2017@gmail.com  
Call us at (210) 465-7947 
We’re Located at: 11415 West Ave  San Antonio, TX 78213

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